Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Latest Blogger Template

This shall be my first template recommendation/review. This is kind of ironic because I am upto reviewing a template that I currently use.

Template name : The Latest
Author : Anshul Dudeja
Template type : Magazine
Instructions : Installation Instructions

Why am I choosing this to be the first Blogger Template I review?

Because the moment I saw it I thought I should have it on this blog(Template Pro). It has got stunning looks and could not think of anything better to start with.

What genre would I put this into?

Obviously, Magazine. Check out the demo site from the author himself. He has employed a judicious mix of pictures that look stunning when published in side-by-side posts which is the latest craze among blogger templates.

The looks ?

The looks are an absolute treat. A very good choice of colors obviously makes pulls up an otherwise bland looking template.

Sidebars, footers etc?
The sidebar I must say is a bit crammed. Too congested and narrow. Could be a problem if you want to write an into about yourself.

Perhaps more could have been done on it. But still we can yield that bit for a great product.
The footer widgets are just as simple as the sidebar. Nothing special. But they do fade into the background when you look at the whole page, which I think is a huge plus.

Widgets and stuff?

Very good. Particularly the entire header frame is widgetised making it more user-friendly to bloggers who would use it. So are the widgets at the bottom of the page. There is loads of stuff that can be added on without much of a hassle.


The fonts on the main page should have been better. The current on presents a very clumsy look of whatever little text appears in the already tiny post display box. Same with the sidebars as well.

An overall well thought out template.
Overall points on a scale of 5: 4/5

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