Sunday, July 12, 2009

Templates, Reviews and ....!

This is only the second post. And I am still thinking on what all to have on the blog. There are going to be many a template suggestions and picks for sure. 'And what else?' has been the question on my mind since the previous post.

One feature I want to do on the blog is to review latest professional Blogger Templates. 'Reviews' because there is no such thing as perfection, if we could allow a few exceptions, but there is always scope for more perfection. What I like may not be liked by others and vice-versa.

I shall try and put forth my views on what is in and what is missing from what could be a great 'Template Pro' recommended Blogger Template. There is always going to be many a near misses for some templates to be a great one. Template Pro shall point that factors our. I couldn't perhaps deal into the coding details for I am only a user and not a creator of the templates but reflect on the necessary ingredients - read looks and features - for every Blogger Template.

Hope this journey would be a fruitful one and we shall all end up finding the best template for ourselves.

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